Monday, January 18, 2010

Updates and such.

A friend of mine recently informed me that my silly crayon drawing blog wound up on it has been getting quite a bit of feedback on there. Some positive and some negative. I find it hilarious that people are actually critiquing the artwork. I do not have any delusions about my drawing skills. They are mediocre at best. And I am drawing with crayons and the occasional colored pencil. I don't know what you were expecting. This is just how I'm distracting my brain from the psychological cravings. My only hope is that it can maybe somehow give people hope that they can find something to do as an alternative to smoking or perhaps another habit. If nothing else, just have a chuckle at my stupid drawings.
As for the haters...have fun listening to Rush in your parents basement. Let everyone else have a little fun.
Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!



  1. Firstly I'm glad you're quitting. Now maybe we'll get some physical work outta you without you getting winded and deferring to your "Asmar" whatever that is.

    Secondly, anyone who debates the merits of artwork drawn with Crayons is a CUNT. I love the angle you've taken and the process of making reaching for a Smoke less Automatic (which I believe is the Biggest Milestone). There's a reason we give Crayons to Toddlers and Michelangelo didn't use Crayola on the Sistine Chapel's Roof - it's because they are the great Art Equalizer. If every Crayon Stickman drawn with a Crayola by every asshole who said, "I can't even draw a Stickman" donated one hour of his time to the cause, we would be clear the World of douches who think this is a project that begs for critique.

    In less than a Day. These Stickguys are Hell.
    I for one think we'd be richer for it, and would give all these Stickmen that live in my woods something to do other than shoot dope.

    Keep it up you Hairy Puddle.

  2. Yeah, ignore the "haters", what you are doing is awesome - CAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO QUIT SMOKING, not BE AN ARTIST!! ;) I even told my cousin who is trying to quit smoking to check out your website. It's inspiring! Keep it up!