Sunday, January 24, 2010

Black Lung Crayola #36 "R.I.P."

This morning I calculated, roughly, how much money I've spent on cigarettes in my life. It depressed me so much that I wanted a cigarette. #@%$***#@$!!!


I feel only slightly better now. Especially since I didn't smoke. But seriously, well over $20,000.


  1. I remember sayin' "If cigarettes ever get up to $1.50, I'm quittin'"......I've since paid $5.00 for a pack.....even more in New York, but damn....I can't imagine addin' that amount up....

  2. i seriously about threw up when i punched all the numbers in.

  3. Fellow Atlanta/Georgian, Great idea, great site. I've really enjoyed your progress. I've quit 113 days now in Seoul Korea. It's still the 70s here. Just 3 days ago they banned smoking in offices. You can smoke everywhere