Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey there.

My name is Jacob. I have been a smoker for about 14 years. I decided this year to knock that mess off. I'd tried and tried before to no avail. But this year my youngest brother suggested something I found to be quite a good idea. Why not replace my trusty pack of Camel's with a pack of Crayolas. That way, every time I wanted a cigarette, I would just draw pictures. So I braved the -17 degree Iowa morning and hastened to the Hy-Vee where I purchased, for half of what a pack of cigarettes cost, a notebook and a 24 count box of Crayola brand crayons. And this is what brings me to this little blog. Why let facebook take any credit for any of my hasty, nicotine rage induced drawings?! I gotta have me a bloggy-blog.

So I will be posting these as they come to fruition and updating you on my quitting process and the madness that will surely ensue.

p.s. I welcome any suggestions for pictures. This could be fun. And maybe I can get Crayola on board.

Here's to a pink lung future...or at least a drabby gray.




  1. Awesome, Jacob!! Good for you and best of luck. Being an ex-smoker myself, I can tell you you'll have so much more energy (you probably already do since it looks like you're 3 weeks in).

  2. naw, i'm one week in as of yesterday. i have just wanted to smoke that many times since then.