Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Lung Crayola "Long Weekend"

Well, Friday was an extremely hard day for me. I can't really pinpoint it but smoking has been my stress reliever for so long I have a difficult time even thinking of other options. I walked around work all day with a white crayon in my mouth and doodled on things when time permited. After work I stayed in my room and sorted my crayons because I needed to give my fidgity hands something to do. Drew a couple more pictures when the urges struck. Quitting smoking sucks. A lot. It makes me feel crazy sometimes. But my lungs feel better every day. Think I might go for a run tomorrow for the first time in 4 years.


  1. You're doing great Jake! Keep fighting, and coloring.

  2. I love your color organizing. That never would have given me something to do since I've always done the ROYGBIV thing with my crayons in the first place. I've been told we all have a little OCD :)