Tuesday, February 9, 2010

40 Days of this mess.

"Mustard Is For Heroes" was a quote from my friend Jimmy. He tells the truth.

Today at work there was a mop leaned up against a concrete pole. Drew a face on it during break. No big deal.
One of my best friends, Shaun Liboon, is Philipino. Several years ago he was painting houses during the summer and the dudes he was working with thought he looked like an eskimo. They were right. 

Drew this during lunch today. It was kinda dark where I was sitting and couldn't really see what I was drawing. It turned out to look like an Orc with fetal alcohol syndrome. I call this one "Dorc". Sauron's child he doesn't speak of.
This is what time I get up for work. I used to pretty much light up first thing in the morning. Now I want to smash things. And learn how to draw like a grown up. Oh dreamy dreams.


  1. DUDE! Loki just told me. Congrats on being able to fill an entire google search page in a positive way. sexy and sick images man

  2. lol all this made me think of was "It's Hammer Time!" then i thought of all the stupid dances MC Hammer use to do, and on top of it I started sing "Can't touch this".....I know its random sorry